The Pricing Paradigm


Pricing will always differ because people are different, their skills are different, their motivation are different and most importantly, their connections are different – (you don’t expect me to charge a governor the same amount I’ll charge an SME)

I’d just say stick to your game, know your worth – think about the price you’ll be glad to pay if you’re in their shoes.

You might want to set a standard for yourself: think about how much you’re worth on an hourly basis. Calculate how much time it’ll take you to complete a project – do the calculations.

For example, you’re worth $10 (3500)/hour and the gig you’re contemplating might take 50 hours of your time: charge $500 (NGN175,000).

Setting your hourly rate is totally up to you (nobody know you more than you) you’ll also need to set the limit of how many hours you wanna work in a day.

Once you have that setup-ed, make sure you never go below your worth only above it, if there’s a job that worth less than you’re worth – outsource it.

PS: I would be speaking about this topic at the WordCamp London Conference in April. (couldn’t make it).

PPS: This post will probably transform – as I’d be adding a lot of other views and thoughts.

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